Friday, July 15, 2011

Worry-Free BLOG HOP

Today's post is in conjunction with the Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour: a fantastic blog hop that brings together bloggers of all genres, backgrounds, and locations. I hope you'll also visit the blog featured before mine in today's hop: Memoirs of a Homemaker ; the blog featured after mine: Karen V. Wasylowski, and the rest of the HOPping bloggers who're tackling the same subject today: How to stay worry free. Some of these blogs are holding giveaways, including ME! (Click here for mine)

So back to the topic at hand, I just have to ask, "Will I lose all credibility if I end my answer with Duh?" Because I feel like this is a no-brainer.

To stay worry-free you need a full belly!

You know the feeling – your stomach growling so loudly that you can’t think about anything else; an inner hunger that’s not only distracting, but often debilitating.

But when you’re full, you’re fortified for whatever comes your way; when your inner needs are met, you’re equipped to face any stressors coming at you from outside your control-zone.

Now, to take this to a metaphysical level, the full-belly theory goes beyond the need for nutritional sustenance; we as human beings are hungry for everything from love and acceptance to money and power, and those kinds of un-met needs can be just as crippling. Again, the only solution is to fill yourself up – to satisfy your hunger for love by valuing yourself and opening your heart to others; to assuage your ache for power by exerting control over your own being and desires.

And, in both cases, there are temporary fixes that may tempt you, but they’ll most certainly also fail you. Take smoking, for example – the go-to appetite-curbing device used by many dieters, and the stress-reliever of choice for many others. Cigarettes can mimic the sensation of a full stomach, and can give the illusion of being in control of things/yourself/your life, but those satisfying feelings are fleeting and false.

So, you see: self-filling is the only winning self-fulfilling prophecy – the true key to a worry-free existence.

Well, okay, whipped cream straight out of the can helps, too :)


  1. Great blog and pass the cake. I am happy with pizza. Pizza cures everything. And a warm puppy. What a great picture. Glad to be on tour with you.

  2. Just had a slice myself, actually :) With Tabasco splashed on top because, let's be honest, there's no other way.

  3. Pizza with hot sauce, yum every time and no other way! Great post, that dog needs a belly rub, another great way to stay worry free.

  4. Cool blog....its always desert for me....great way to beat stress.

  5. a nice dip in a hot tub ,a glass of brandy, and a nap in the shade of the old oak tree that does it for me , say what the heck am i doing here that stuff is out back. . see you great post and god bless thank you for being on the tour.

  6. A good book and a glass of wine and some cheese