Friday, May 24, 2013


Hello, Hungry Readers!

This is a complete list of all FoodFic posts (mine and guests') over the history of this blog.
Check out the titles below; you might find something you missed the first time!
And, as always, let me know if there's a book you'd like to see devoured here. :)

Happy Reading,
Shelley Workinger

Zindel, Paul – THE PIGMAN (10/11/11)


Aken, Stuart (Guest) – BLOOD RED DUST (10/31/19)

Angley, Mike (Guest) – CHILD FINDER: REVELATION (11/1/11)

Anske, Ksenia (Guest) – SIREN SUICIDES (4/11/14)

Astolfo, Catherine (Guest) – THE BRIDGEMAN (9/26/13)

Droban, Kerrie (Guest) – PRODIGAL FATHER, PAGAN SON (11/20/20)

DuCote, Lee (Guest) – MICAH (6/30/16)

Hillhouse, Joanne (Guest) – OH GAD! (6/14/12)

Hogan, David (Guest) – THE LAST ISLAND (2/22/18)

Hopkins, Karen Ann (Guest) – EMBERS (3/15/18)

Hornsby, Kim (Guest) – THE DREAM JUMPER'S SECRET (11/12/15)

Howerton, Axel (Guest) – HOT SINATRA (11/26/15)

Hubbard, Lynn (Guest) –  RETURN TO LOVE (2/4/16)

Oliver, Lorne (Guest) – THE CISTERN (8/14/14)
Oliver, Lorne (Guest) – RED ISLAND (1/17/13)

Otto, Lori (Guest) – EMI LOST & FOUND (7/31/14) 

Ross, Alberta (Guest) – ELLEN’S TALE (4/20/11)