Friday, May 24, 2013


Hello, Hungry Readers!

This is a complete list of all FoodFic posts (mine and guests') of the past 4 years.
Check out the titles below; you might find something you missed the first time!
And, as always, let me know if there's a book you'd like to see devoured here. :)

Happy Reading,
Shelley Workinger

Zindel, Paul – THE PIGMAN (10/11/11)


Angley, Mike (Guest) – CHILD FINDER: REVELATION (11/1/11)

Anske, Ksenia (Guest) – SIREN SUICIDES (4/11/14)

Astolfo, Catherine (Guest) – THE BRIDGEMAN (9/26/13)

Carlson, Andrew (Guest) – SUE’S VISION (1/12/12)

Carrico, Greg (Guest) – APOCALYPSTICK (11/27/14)

Carter, Robert (Guest) – THE LANGUAGE OF STONES (11/20/14)

Cato, Nick (Guest) – DON OF THE DEAD (12/4/14) 

Cavendish, Catherine (Guest) – COLD REVENGE (11/21/13)

Chow, Charong (Guest) – RANDOM (6/28/12)

Clark, L.B. (Guest) – JUKEBOX HEROES (12/6/12)

Clark, Lauren (Guest) – PIE GIRLS (12/11/14)

Cromer, Cindy (Guest) – DESPERATE DECEPTIONS (1/5/15)

Done, Joshua (Guest) THE EXILE EMPIRE (1/29/15)

Dorrity, Christy (Guest) – THE BOOK BLOGGER’S COOKBOOK (9/13/12)

Douglass, Stephen (Guest) – KERRI'S WAR (2/5/15)

Draper, Michael (Guest) - THREE STRIKES AND YOU'RE DEAD (1/15/15)

Ross, Alberta (Guest) – ELLEN’S TALE (4/20/11)

Selim, Rasha (Guest) – STOLEN GIFTS (5/29/14)

Siciarz, Stephanie (Guest) – AWAY WITH THE FISHES (9/4/14) 

St Karp, John (Guest) – RADIUM BABY (6/26/14) 

Stevens, E.J. (Guest) – LEGEND OF WITCHTROT ROAD (10/4/11)

Stewart, Heather Grace (Guest) – STRANGELY, INCREDIBLY GOOD (6/19/14)

Tucker, Nicholas (Guest) – NIKE’S CHINESE NEW YEAR (5/17/12)

Vamvas, John & Olga Montes (Guest) – WHEREWOLVES (10/10/13) 
Whitaker, Kent (Guest) – CHOW LINE (5/31/12)

Willmott, Hally (Guest) – AWAKENINGS (9/12/13)

Wolfe, Trisha (Guest) – DESTINY’S FIRE (12/22/11)


  1. Sounds like a fun hiatus. Enjoy your time!

  2. Great list! Need to check it one by one so I could not miss anything. Thanks!

    1. I am taking better notes this year, so my 3-year anniversary archive will be more complete. :)