Thursday, September 12, 2013

FOODFIC: Please Welcome Hally Willmott, Author of Awakenings (Elemental Series, Book 1)

With the debut of my first novel, I have had a number of people ask if the main character Jacey Adison is like me in any way...My original answer to most has been - "She and I are alike only in the first couple of pages - she moved around a lot as a kid...and so did I.


When I envision Jacey, I see her as a 16 year old girl who doesn't see how truly special she is. That's where our similarities end." (At least I thought so....)


After reading "Awakenings", my niece believed someone like Lucy Hale looked like Jacey...Your thoughts?


Along with my nieces ideals on the who's who of matching character to famous actor / actress, she went on to point out something else I was completely unaware of... 


"Auntie, why does Jacey only seem to eat Blueberry muffins? And she only drinks hot chocolate? And what do Raspberry crepes taste like?"







It wasn't until she asked did I realize Jacey has some other traits and tastes that were like me... Maybe it's my Northern Ontario back ground...But I LOVE blueberry muffins...



And have you tried raspberry crepes....if not you are truly missing out!


When I was asked to do a write up for this blog I figured it would be like the others, all about the story line and how the story came about....I LOVE this idea...



I didn't even think that food had an influence on the way I wrote.. but I now realize it does!


I even have the main character associating feelings with scents...One of the main ones being vanilla..(Yet another one of my favourite smells, and tastes....)

I am now a true who sees how our tastes and likes influence our writing...who knew? Can't wait to see what I'm craving in book two...



Thanks for stopping by to share your food for thought, Hally!


You can find the author and her work here: 


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  1. Thanks for the post !! It was fun:)

  2. Update from the author:

    Loved this blog interview for book one! Book two ‘Revelations’ and book three ‘Keepers’ ( a novella with a great story) are both available and have some pretty interesting food items in them also! Looking forward to hearing from anyone interested in the series. Book four is in the works!