Thursday, June 8, 2017

FOODFIC: Please Welcome D.H. Nevins, Author of WORMWOOD

Hey everyone. This is Kali Michaels, the main character from Wormwood, a pretty intense post-apocalyptic story. Thanks for letting me pop into this blog so I can talk a bit about food and what we’ve been eating around here. Trust me, I have a very strong appreciation for this subject. Wormwood‘s author, D.H. Nevins, really turned things upside down on us—you know, avenging half-angels destroyed the surface of the Earth—so for anyone who cares to survive, the acquisition of food is pretty darn important.

Truth be told, when it comes to palatable food, I’m luckier than most of the survivors I’ve come across. The first person I saw since this mess began was a rather desperate man named Eric (and I say he was the first person, because the first being I ran into was Tiamat, one of them, so he doesn’t count). I found Eric within a small copse of trees, anxious to cook what little food he could find over a small bank of coals. He was using battered piece of corrugated metal as a frying pan of sorts, and on it was a mouse and two slugs. I know, it sounds horrid. But when you’re starving—and he was—those disgusting morsels of food are worth fighting over.

But like I mentioned before, I was fortunate. I had no need to challenge Eric for the sake of a meal, having acquired significant supplies from Tiamat. Ah, Tiamat. My Nephilim tormentor. Of course, he had known what was coming, he was one of the ones who caused it, so he had stockpiled quite a quantity of non-perishable food and other supplies before The Cleansing. And because he claims I have some kind of purpose, he won’t kill me. Yet. So yeah, long story short, I have a bunch of his supplies, loaded on one of two horses I have with me. Food to keep me alive. For now. Right, so essentially, Eric’s meagre meal was safe from me.

The next survivors I saw were two young boys, fighting over a frog. I mention this because, yeah, the frog was meant to be food too. Can people even eat frogs? I don’t know. But everyone’s desperate. My trail mix and dehydrated chili are sounding pretty delicious now, right? And the coffee Tiamat made for me over our camp fire? Well, that was downright extravagant.

I know it can’t last. Some day, the food will run out or the Nephilim will finally succeed in killing me. But in the meantime, I’ll thankfully enjoy the subtle metallic flavor of canned oranges. Then I’ll savour the subtle range of tastes when I eat rehydrated vegetables. And when I sleep, you can be sure I’ll be dreaming of chocolate ice cream.

Thanks for stopping by to share your food for thought, Danielle!

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  1. Love this! Canned oranges sound pretty decadent compared to that fried mouse! Awesome post, thanks for a great read.

  2. Thank you so much for the cool opportunity to guest post on your blog, Shelley. It's refreshing to see such an original blog idea and I'm thrilled I could be a part of it. :D

  3. I forgot how much I loved this book! And having Kali giving us her daily menu was so awesome. Time for a re-read.

  4. Man, what a great read this was! When is the sequel coming out? As time goes on for Kali, her menu might get worse...

  5. Update from the author:

    And don't forget a mouse and slugs! It's post-apocalyptic, after all. ��
    By the way, WORMWOOD is currently FREE and has recently ranked #18 in New Adult, #45 in Dystopian and #101 in Paranormal in the Amazon store. Now's the time to grab a copy (and don't forget to be awesome and leave a review)!
    And here's some more exciting information. The sequel, ANGEL OF SHADOW, just released on January 13th! I might be a little biased, but I think the cover is absolutely stunning.
    Have a look: