Friday, February 28, 2020

FOODFIC: Please Welcome Eichin Chang-Lim, Author of The LoveLock

As a prelude, let's define the meaning of "food" for this particular post.

Food is anything, and everything that you input into the opening cavity in the lower part of your face, that travels through the long tube of the esophagus, and that reaches the pouch in your tummy called the stomach!

Please remember that nutritional value is not a concern here.


So, the story began with Dylan saying, "Hey, Cheetos," calling her by the nickname that always made her toes curl.


Why does Dylan fondly call Violet "Cheetos"?

Their love and profound connection started during those tumultuous days, at the tender young age when they leaned on each other to endure the turmoil in the hospital when beholding their loved ones drifting away. Savoring the salty, spicy, crunchy Hot Cheetos eased Violet's sorrow and soothed her nerves. And Dylan understood immensely how much Hot Cheetos meant to Violet.

On that particular morning, Violet was about to give her twin sister bone marrow, in the hope of reclaiming Amber's health from rogue leukemia. Dylan brought Violet a bag of Hot Cheetos—her favorite! He playfully and intimately called her "Cheetos" to comfort her. She cherished it!

Death snapped Violet's sister and Dylan's mother away eventually.

The two families lamented the loss of their loved ones in their own distinct ways. Violet and Dylan thus disconnected from each other in their adolescence until they reunited in the first year of college. Their rekindled love led to a deep relationship.

"Happy New Year, Cheetos!" Fireworks exploded above them as the clock struck midnight. Dylan grabbed the back of Violet's head as they shared a passionate kiss. They're blissfully engaged, and all the preparations were ready for the eagerly anticipated marriage.

Yet, fate played a cruel joke on them. The brutal tragedy ripped them apart just days before their wedding. They went their separate way again!

Cheetos and OxyContin?

Violet was an aspiring actress. Her dream of being a film star was trashed when mental illness gripped her on the movie set. To resolve her imminent financial crisis, Violet became a stripper.

Each day, before the same old dog and pony show, she took a handful of OxyContin—her favorite ritual.
"I'm not taking drugs!" she said, consoling herself. "These are just painkillers. Plenty of people take these daily. Doctors prescribe them all the time. I'm okay."

The crunchy Flamin' Hot Cheetos numbed her tongue, the comforting warmth of the OxyContin washed over her guts, and the light sensation lifted her up. She floated away from reality. The news of Dylan's marriage crushed her. She needed to flee to a faraway realm, and Hot Cheetos and OxyContin were a fantastic combination!

Cheetos, OxyContin, and whiskey?

The hopelessness imprisoned her. The depression grabbed her like a giant hand from the underworld, dragging her down to the abyss. Nothing was left for her!

Violet purchased a small exercising sandbag from a sporting goods store, along with a couple of pairs of ankle and wrist weights for good measure. She also had half a bottle of cheap cooking whiskey. She packed them into an overnight bag with her beloved OxyContin and hot Cheetos.
Intoxicated and emotional, Violet had made up her mind.

With a single-mindedness, Violet drove toward the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge.

She twisted open the whiskey bottle and took several hot gulps. The burning sensation rushed down her esophagus into the pit of her stomach. She topped it off with a handful of Oxy. The floating sensation arrived . . . and she was ready. Let the final act begin!


No! Life is way too precious for her to end it that way!

THE LOVELOCK is a multi-award-winning love story. There are many dark moments and despaired emotional battles interwind through the characters. Nevertheless, the end is uplifting and inspirational.

Thanks for stopping by to share your food for thought, Eichin!

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  1. wow very nice first time to see asian author who wrote books that is so lovely <3

  2. I loved this book! I'm so happy to see Eichin here. :-)