Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FOODFIC: My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent

I love that with everything high-school junior Kaylee Cavanaugh has going on, the girl still makes time to eat. It seemed like food found its way into practically every scene from pretzels and cheese fries at the movie theater where she works, to turkey and Italian subs with Nash when he tells her she’s not human (and neither is he), and chocolate cake at the hospital while they wait for Tod the Reaper. Not to mention “bean sidhe,” which made me crave red beans and rice every time it came up, although it has nothing to do with dinner. “Bean sidhe” is actually the Gaelic name for Banshee, someone who sings for souls at their deaths, which Kaylee discovers she is despite her absent father having tried to keep it from her. 

It’s only fitting, then, that for the front half of the book when she has no solid family unit, the food is all drive-through junk. Then her father finally makes an appearance and Kaylee makes him mac and cheese – comfort food for the man who should’ve always been there to comfort her, but wasn’t. Cooking the pasta sets the perfect backdrop for the confrontation-slash-reveal, right down to the sizzle of water sloshing out of the pot and onto the burner when she stirs too hard. I won’t pretend that Velveeta magically turns this into the perfect family evening, but there are brownies at the end, so how bad could it be? 

I will definitely continue reading this series to see what Kaylee does – and eats – next.

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