Wednesday, March 9, 2011


When you think of Lady and the Tramp, you go right to that romantic scene behind Tony’s with the big, beautiful bowl of spaghetti that ends in their sweet doggy kiss, right?  Can you even describe any other scene?

Thousands of fans flock to Port Angeles’s Bella Italia where Bella had mushroom ravioli with Edward.

The first thing visitors to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter do is grab a butter beer.

You might be thinking that such scenes or details were only significant in the movies, but I disagree. I think those things – more specifically, those digestible items – only made it into the films because they first resonated with the readers of the books. 

Maybe it’s the relatability of characters when they make choices that we also make in our daily lives (as opposed to whether or not to turn into a vampire) that speaks to us. Or maybe it’s that we like to think that if we eat lamb chops and mashed potatoes, we can be strong enough to win the Hunger Games, too. 

Or maybe it’s just because people are HUNGRY – for love, for power, for money, for lunch!

Whatever the reason, the food depicted in a book does something for us, and the purpose of this blog is for us to read, read, read…and then ask,  
                                              But What Are They Eating?


  1. I love adding food into my writing. It helps to really put you into the scene. If you can picture yourself there, every detail helps. Yummy food is always a plus too.

  2. Just love the premise of your blog! All the best books have lashings of food, and yo can tell a lot about fictional characters, as Responding to your message on SheWrites, and definitely following for seconds!

  3. When I think of food in books I think of Tom Jones, the book by Henry Fielding, written in the 18th Century. There was a bawdy scene involving food, deliciously captured in the film version of the same name, starring Albert Finney. That's what comes to mind. The Lady and the Tramp scene is deeply romantic for a cartoon, one of my favorites. Thanks for letting us know about your post on She Writes.

  4. It's a wonderful idea to feature books by mentioning the food the characters eat. I love to pepper my own novels with mouth-watering mentions of Greek meals as I enjoy promoting the culture of my country in every way I can. My readers have repeatedly said the odd book they read from me prompted them to visit their nearest Greek restaurant! So, yes, I agree with you! Food in fiction does affect readers in some strange manner. We all have to eat, I guess! :)