Friday, September 23, 2011

Is Punctuality Important? - BLOG HOP

Is punctuality necessary? Pandora asked.
Yes, I answered without hesitation.

And my 2 becauses were:
1. You never want to be late for dinner; and
2. The early bird gets the worm.

Then I thought, "Ooh, let me go find a cute moving image of a bird getting a worm for my top graphic."

Which led to YouTube.

Which took up the rest up of my day.

First, I typed in "bird gets worm,"
then HAD to click on "frog eats giant worm,"
and then (to see more cool worm videos!) broadened my search to "eating worms,"
which turned up more than one porn site. Seriously. (And yes, I admit I was curious, but too fearful of viruses of all kinds to click on one.)
I did click on "raccoon eating worms,"
which led to "triplet baby raccoons,"
then "dog nursing raccoons,"
then "dog nursing baby deer,"
then "dog catches shark,"
then "shark vs. crocodile,"
which suddenly reminded me of this wild (literally) documentary I saw a long time ago on "big cats," which showed a jaguar dive into a river and catch a caiman.

Of course I had to go looking for THAT video and, even though I didn't find it, I did find this one:


So, long story less long, I didn't write my post on punctuality.

Now, I could try to wrap this all up with some clever connection between the early bird getting the worm (where I began) and the early jaguar getting the caiman (where I ended up), but my retinas (and brain) are a little fried from all the viewage.

Instead, I'll just say that YouTube is super fun - and addictive - BUT punctuality is so important that I was able to tear myself away (as soon as I finished "bee vs. jumping spider") to make it to my friend's birthday party ON TIME ;)


  1. Cool Post and cooler you, am trying to make a connection with this video and the topic in question...but that would be a little waste of time right? Punctuality is important so am off to write my opinion on it. Keep writing....hugs.

  2. HA!! I know how this feels, I am one of those people that just has to have at least one really good picture for each post. 9 times out of 10 I do exactly what you did and get lost...

    But good thing you weren't late for the party, although I thought it was fashionably OK to be late for a party?

    Thanks for sharing off to visit the other's on our Punctuality Tour

  3. hahahahahaha! glad i stumbled across your blog --love it!

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed your post! And hope you weren't too late for the party ;)

    Here's mine:

  5. haha, very funny, sounds like a typical day online and browsing on youtube!!

  6. Haha...I've had that happen before. Do you think it is contagious? Maybe we caught it from another blogger. LOL

    I am stopping by for the Blogger Ball #7. Let me say, I LOVE your blog concept. That could be because two things I love are literature and food. And music, too. Anyway, before I get off topic...I'll be back to read again. Great post today.

  7. Hi Shelley! It's my first visit to your blog! Nice! Yes, Youtube can drive anyone to distraction. I have been on there researching plenty of times to find one clip and then will look up and notice that an hour has passed because I found something else that caught my eye. I guess it's hard to stay on task and be punctual under those constraints. Lovely meeting you in the blogosphere and I will make my way here again!

  8. Hello Ladies!
    I love when old friends return and new friends pull up chairs to my virtual table to share some food for thought!
    Put the coffee on at your places because I'll return the visits :)