Friday, October 7, 2011

Dream Destination - BLOG HOP

Welcome to today's edition of the BLOG-A-LICIOUS BLOG TOUR!
Today we're sharing Dream Destinations, so please visit LIFE THROUGH LUCYLASTICA'S LENSE before me, LORHAINNE ECKHART'S CHOICE OF GIVING after, and all of the other thoughtful bloggers on TODAY'S TOUR. Happy Travels!

I bet you think you know where I’m headed – a land of fabulous cuisine, possibly classical (Tuscany), perhaps exotic (Morocco), or maybe undiscovered (the Basque region straddling France and Spain that’s making headlines for avant-garde cooking, called “the last unknown great cuisine of Europe” by chef Mark Miller).

Actually, none of the above. The food tie-in for this post is that my dream destination looks good enough to eat:

St. Basil’s is what dreams are made of; it’s dominated mine since I was a little girl. This architectural marvel represents a fairy tale and fable come to life; imagine Hansel and Gretel stumbling upon a castle instead of a cottage. 

Obviously, I’ll visit more on my epic journey than just Red Square, or even Moscow. When (not if!) I finally make this personal pilgrimage, I plan to take in as much of Russia as I possibly can. And yes, that includes eating myself silly :)

Now, all I know* about Russian cuisine is that they invented Chicken Kiev, which I’ve found delicious in my American tasting experience, but could very well be a whole ‘nother beast in its traditional form, like Taco Bell vs. authentic Mexican food. Oh, and that they make a lot of vodka. The good stuff.

Not that it really matters what I know* (there it is again!) before I go; my vacation eating m.o. is to try everything local I can get my hands on, whether I know* (for the trifecta!) what it is or not. (My husband and I once made an entire meal out of the strange junk foods we found in a foreign convenience store!) So my Russian preparation will entail the usual mini-course: how to say yes, no, please, thank you, and what’s your favorite thing on the menu? I’ll have that :) Yes, that strategy occasionally leads to a bad meal, but I always return home full of experiences!

And, don’t tell anyone, but I might lick one of those onion domes if I get the chance :)

*By know, I mean heard and believed. This may, in fact, be completely untrue, but I don’t know what I don’t know. Ya know?


  1. I love your blog! New to blogging and to the hop, it's wonderful to meet you.

  2. Hi Andrea! Great to meet you, too, and thanks for hopping by :) I left a comment yesterday on your gorgeous photo, but it's disappeared ?

  3. Oh, so true. It does look good enough to eat.

    One of the things I love about travelling is sampling the different foods. So many good things out there and I have the hips, thighs and a$! to show it :-)

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