Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Menu for the New Year!

BWATE? Rolls out a New Menu for 2012!

The exciting new specials now appear in the right-hand column, looking something like this:

With your brain, not your food, of course! Here’s a quick game called Meta-Me, based on an exchange my SOLID heroine Clio has with her mother. Click on the icon for the weekly prompt; it only takes a minute to play, which is perfect to pass the time while you’re waiting for your dinner. :)

No, that’s not a typo; I didn’t mean to write saying or sing, I meant Sayng! Because we need good dinner music, and we all know that whatever you say sounds better in song, so here’s where I’ll feature some lyrics that are as satisfying as their background tunes – in other words, artists who Sayng! 

Then lastly - but far from leastly - I’m also introducing a spot called Toast-worthy Tuesday to celebrate the amazing teens out there who are doing great things. Read their stories, feel inspired, and feed your soul. Your submissions/nominations are welcome!

 And of course I’ll keep serving up my main dish – FOODFIC, my own musings on food in fiction - it'll just move to Friday, where it was always meant to be. And I'll still feature the terrific guest authors who’ve made reservations to post FoodFic takes on their own books.

Bring your appetites, hungry readers –
    it’s going to be a filling year!


  1. Must make my characters eat more... glad someone is taking stock! Get it? Stock? Ok, it must be dinner time.


  2. Love it - thanks for stopping by...and getting me ;)