Monday, January 9, 2012

Toastworthy Teens: Jared Thompson

Jared Thompson, Creator of Me-'N-U

High-school junior Jared Thompson wanted to figure out a way to do something meaningful to help people in his area – specifically those who may not always have a hot meal to eat. So he and a group of hardworking kids and adults from his Indianan community spent the last year organizing a free weekly meal program called Me-‘N-U. Anyone is welcome to stop in for a free hot meal served in the relaxed, sit-down atmosphere that Jared’s team created “to make it as simple for them and as easy for them as we possibly can.”

Jared finds his work “rejuvenating” and wants other like-minded kids to know that if they have the desire to help but not necessarily the means to bring their projects to life by themselves, they just need to take that first step and reach out to others. He says, “I just had an idea, and then I went in front of the church and said, Can we do this? I think we can.” And he was right ;)

Meet Jared here:

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  1. I fucking love you Jared, you help me maintain hope in the human race.