Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Toastworthy Teens - Matthew Petronis

 Matthew Petronis, Breezy Point Disaster Relief Fund

For most people, Thanksgiving is pretty much synonymous with "home." That's why it was so devastating for Matthew Petronis to see the beloved Breezy Point community where he'd spent all of his 18 Thanksgivings go up in flames as part of the Hurricane Sandy destruction.

By the time the fire was subdued, more than 100 houses had been lost...and within hours Matthew had set up the first fundraising tool to help those newly homeless families. In the month between the Oct. 29th tragedy and Thanksgiving Day, Matthew's relief fund collected almost $80,000 in donations, all while Matthew (whose baseball coach calls "a free spirit, yet a caring kid [with] that New York can-do attitude") managed a full college freshman course load. 

To help Matthew help others, visit:

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  1. cool kid. for a minute, i thought it was a character from a novel.

  2. I made myself go back and recheck the spelling of his last name ten times to make sure I didn't spell it "Patronus" like in Harry Potter! ;)