Thursday, July 23, 2015

FOODFIC: Please Welcome Kim Golden, Author of Snowbound

I am a foodie. Its just that simple.

A good risotto makes my heart sing. A perfectly pan-seared fillet of sea bass? Pure heaven. Belgian chocolates? Verdicchio di Matelica wine? Caciocavallo cheese? Red wine flavoured gelato? You betcha.

Its not just gourmet delights that tempt my tummy. A good bowl of cheese grits or fluffy pancakes with maple syrup? Yup, Im in. A chocolate chip cookie? Yes, yes, yes! I love good food. And my hips are proof of it.

So its not so surprising that when I write, my characters also love good food. In my holiday romance, Snowbound, Mia and Jake both have childhood memories triggered by food.

For Mia, so many of her memories of her deceased grandparents revolve around food. Back at her grandparents house for the first time since her grandmother died, a neighbours visit reminds Mia of the holiday baking her grandmother used to do. The pumpkin pies and applesauce cakes that scented the house with cinnamon and vanillathe pound cakes and butter cookies the sticky buns and fresh donuts for the Christmas caroling practiceall of these remind Mia of Grandma Ruth and make her long for her grandmothers comfort and love.

For Jake, the South African photographer whom Mia initially sees as an interloper, his memories of South Africa are also bittersweet. Whenever he thinks of Cape Town and his life there, he is reminded more of what he lost. But what still reminds him of his childhood and his parents, is the stew his mother used to make for him, potljiekosa layered stew often made with lamb, pork or cured beef. One evening, he makes it for Mia, not expecting the unwanted guests whod turned up earlier.

Even during the snowstorm that throws them together, food and strong cups of coffee bring them together. Throughout the novel, food elicits memories for Jake and Mia and eventually helps them make new memories together.

Ill be giving away an autographed paperback of Snowbound and a $15 Amazon gift card. To enter to win, like my author page on Facebook and then tell me: which food brings back cherished memories for you? Leave your food memory in the comments here. The person whose food memory really speaks to me will be the winner! :)

The giveaway runs from 25 July until 3 August!

Thanks for stopping by to share your food for thought, Kim!

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