Thursday, June 9, 2016

FOODFIC: Please Welcome Ginae Lee Scott, Author of Looking Through the Water

In my novel, Looking Through the Water, when I glanced back into the story, my main character experienced many types of situations with food. I honestly had not seen this before preparing for this blog post. This alone has been fun reflecting on my purpose of the significance of the meals Cassie has had.

During the summer months off from school, Cassie was left home alone while her parents went off to work. Her mother had left chores for her to do, and while being such a young age of seven, Cassie did what she was told to do, all the while taking care of herself also. Cassie was great at peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and not a burden to others in the neighborhood who would have loved to help her.

My favorite meals are the cookies and ice cream treats at the neighbors, - who through their kindness, I believe, - Cassie received those special times around food that all children should have. And not that the food was sweets, but the togetherness of the meal with others.

Mrs. Vashon, an elderly neighbor, shared her food with Cassie amongst her beautiful garden, that backdrop brought forth the title of this book. Cassie finds part of the beauty in this world looking through the water.

Food in Cassie's home was a opposite side of the spectrum. Her mother had to wrestle with herself to bring forth a peaceful meal, so for the most part meals prepared by her could have the opposite affect in Cassie's life. With the emotional bursts of her mother and the chores to big for a young girl, I believe meals at home were very difficult for Cassie.

The beauty of this novel is that Cassie found the beauty in this world, she was wise beyond hers years and she shared what she learned and saw with others.

It's always wonderful to hear back from readers, I love the interaction talk about this novel. There is a readers book club guide in the back of the book. As the author, I want to tell you this story landed like a movie in my mind so much so, that I had to write it. I experienced a character coming alive while writing too, which is an amazing experience for an author.

After the book was done and edits were going on, I saw so many things from my own life on the pages that it was a healing balm for me. Cassie is a lovely, beautiful child, and I wish I had been more brave like her.

Be blessed today,

Thanks for stopping by to share your food for thought, Ginae!

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