Thursday, January 5, 2017

FOODFIC: Please Welcome Marla Madison, Author of Girl Undone

Girl Undone is the third book in my TJ Peacock and Lisa Rayburn suspense series. The main characters in Girl Undone, private investigator TJ Peacock and psychologist Lisa Rayburn, are women at opposite ends of the food addiction scale. TJ, slender and wiry, is one of those fortunate people who so many of us envy; she can eat all she wants—and she prefers junk food and comfort food—without gaining weight. Lisa looks on disgustedly when TJ packs in the food, while she, a more generously proportioned woman, has to watch every bite.

Despite their many differences, the women become fast friends, and their working relationship continues through the series. In Girl Undone, the two women are hired to find out why a young woman was abducted for a period of three days then allowed to escape. Lisa and TJ fall into a web of mystery, murder, and mayhem trying to discover why the girl, who remembers nothing, was held against her will.

My characters frequently share holidays and meals together. TJ prefers fast food stops, while Lisa enjoys preparing traditional holiday meals for a crowd. I have to admit that I am more like TJ in my food tastes; I love junk food. But I also like the traditional holiday fare and enjoy preparing it for my loved ones. A deadly combination of tastes for someone who has to watch her weight!

Being a woman who has had a love/hate relationship with food my entire life, I naturally added a lot of meal detail to the first book of this series, She’s Not There. My blog, Reading and Writing are Fattening, sometimes deals with food and dieting issues. Recently, I’ve been doing reviews of the suspense books that I read.

I once did a blog series called The Ten Pounds of Christmas and every year I resolve to publish it, a how-to on not gaining weight over the holidays, but somehow, never quite get around do doing it. Maybe I’ll have Lisa write it for me when she’s in between crime-fighting events with TJ. ;)

Thanks for stopping by to share your food for thought, Marla!

Marla Madison is a retired mediator and when she’s not writing, she loves to read, play bridge and cruise the lake on her pontoon. Living in Wisconsin on Prairie Lake, Marla is the author of the suspense novels, She’s Not There, Trespass, Girl Undone, Relative Malice, Iced Malice, and Promise of Malice. 
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  1. Thanks for posting this again, Shelley! The next book in this series is The Way She Lied and it was a finalist in the Silver Fanchion contest for suspense books.
    I'm working now on the fourth book of my other series, the Detective Kendall Halsrud series. It's also suspense with a strong female protagonist and is backgrounded in Eau Claire, WI.