Friday, February 2, 2018

FOODFIC: Please Welcome Cathryn Hein, Author of The Country Girl

Have you ever fallen down the rabbit hole that is food blogging on the internet? It’s a marvellous place, filled with stunning pictures of mouth-watering recipes, and clever people creating new dishes or adding interesting twists to old favourites, who usually have much tidier kitchens than mine.

The heroine of my latest release The Country Girl is one of these people, but Tash is a born and bred Australian farm lass. She doesn’t go in for over-styled food or ingredients no one has ever heard of. Her recipes are wholesome and hearty, and loaded with comfort. Which is just as well, because The Country Girl’s hero Patrick is a man loaded with heartache. He needs every ounce of comfort she can give, and give is what Tash does.

As she says to Patrick, “Cooking for other people makes me feel good. And here at The Urban Ranger we smother goodness like we smother butter – thick and with great pleasure.”

Tash has returned home to the family farm to write a cookbook and take her blog in a new direction, showing off not just new recipes but where the produce comes from. At first Patrick thinks it’s a bit of a joke, but he soon learns Tash’s business is serious. Especially when he begins to try her dishes.

There are curries and crème brulees, tarts and terrines, pies and pastries, salads and soups, and all cooked with great gusto by Tash because cooking is her passion and her life’s philosophy:

There are those who believe it’s just something we need to live, and that’s true, but food is more than a necessity. I truly believe food—the preparation of it, the sharing, the way it brings people together—can be a powerful symbol of compassion and love.

One of the first dishes of Tash’s that Patrick tries is a mini ricotta cheesecake with currants soaked in sherry. For a bit of fun, I’ve shared the recipe in this video. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by to share your food for thought, Cathryn!

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