Friday, August 12, 2011

Fortune or Fame? - BLOG HOP

Welcome, Wonderful Women of She Writes! I participated in the Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour this past weekend and since we had such a fun topic, I decided to leave my post up a little longer and ask that you, too, share your thoughts on:

Fortune or Fame?
Or the way I see it:

Let’s start with fortune.

If I were suddenly rich, of course I’d get a bigger house…and someone to clean it…and a pool…and someone to clean that, too. But my real indulgence would be a personal chef.

Y’all know by now how much I love food. And I’m a good cook, but I rarely whip up my best meals because I just do not like all the non-cooking parts of the job. So even though I’m pretty sure I could Bam! like Emeril if I had someone to dice up all my ingredients ahead of time and wash my dishes afterwards, I don’t.

Now, if I were wealthy, I’d blow right past getting a kitchen assistant and go straight to setting up a real-live version of Food TV in my own home; just sit back and watch somebody else do it all. Or maybe some-manybodies else – a Cajun chef and an Italian one; one for Mexican food and another for BBQ. A whole team to satisfy my every craving, like my own personal Iron Chef panel. (Man, the guy behind that show was exactly the same kind of eccentric genius I could be.)

Anyway, my answer to the question posed is: Fortune. That’s what I know what to with, and it wouldn’t change my life much beyond chow time. :)
Really, the bigger question for me is:
Would you be willing to suffer Fame in order to gain Fortune?
That’s a toughie. I sure want the fundage to eat whatever, whenever I want, but I’m not keen on doing it in front of other people. I confess; I am a gluttonous eater. I will continue to shove good food into my mouth until I physically cannot hold another ounce. (Then, of course, I need a nap, like a bear packing it in before hibernation. And, also like a bear, if you dare reach your fork across the table and into my plate, be warned: you might lose a finger.)

Got a good visual? I know it’s not pretty – and it sure ain’t newsworthy – which means it would most certainly make the front page of the tabloids if I were famous. (And I mean really famous, as in more than just picture-on-the-wall-of-a-restaurant-for-eating-whole-thing famous. Btw, since we’re on that subject: Where was Man v. Food when I was in college and otherwise responsibility-less? If I’d hit the road with Adam, we’d’ve tore up those challenges!)

Well, now that I’m a lot hungry and a little bitter (I could even be hungry for bitters, if I knew what they were) over what I have-not, I think I’ll go hop around to other blogs. ..and be glad they can’t see me typing with just the one hand while the other sprays a can of whipped cream straight into my fortunate mouth. :)


  1. "Would you be willing to suffer fame" ... now there's a thought so many of us overlook. Thank you so much for your thoughts and for joining the Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour. Have a great week!
    Best wishes - Dora

  2. This is hilarious! And now that I've read this, I should probably edit my blog and choose "fortune" so I can have a personal chef at my disposal in this African bush. :D

  3. Foodie, eh? I'd never have guessed by looking at your blog, Shelley. Nice to have some honesty here. But does your indulgence lead to feelings of guilt, or are you wise enough to exclude that destructive emotion? In a small way, I envy your ability to devour all you want: I have a hiatus hernia that prevents me stuffing myself, otherwise, I'd probably be that beached whale you're always hearing about.

  4. Ah, food - I'm so with you!! :) Great post and a fun take on the question!!

  5. You're funny! I can see you with your own food show called The Comedic Chef. I'm not into cooking at all, nor do I watch cooking shows but if you had one, I'd tune in in a heartbeat.

  6. Visiting from the hop :)

    Yum and here I was thinking I was the only one that hid and squirted the whip cream into my mouth :P Enjoyed your insights on Fame and Fortune...

  7. Hi Shelley
    Your post made me laugh - especially the pictures at the top! I like the idea of multiple chefs on hand though. I could see my average day:

    "Cupcakes" "Lasagne" "Chocolate fudge cake" "Roast dinner" "Popcorn" "Home made muffins"

    Hmm, maybe not such a good idea after all!
    Dave :)

  8. As usual I smiled and laughed with your post. I understand the notion of bitter after acceptance. :) Always good to read your writing. :0)

  9. You are so right. One would suffer fame. And many suffer from fortune, too. A lottery winner said that his granddaughter, the heiress, killed herself because of the pressures of the money. What a grief.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  10. I am not from the blog hop but might like to try it next time. I might like a personal chef, not so much because I like to eat, but because my family likes to eat and I don't like to cook. It would give me one less things to worry about and more time to write. Fun post!

  11. Thank all of you so much for making this my favorite HOP yet!
    Funny how, when there's an open-ended prompt, several people take in the same direction, but when you give bloggers only 2 possible choices, they have such varied posts!
    Clearly, having to justify a "why" lights up more creative synapses than a "what" :)
    @ Dora - Thank you as always for being such a fabulous hostess!
    @ Reiza - You probably need the whole team, too, so you can take care of everyone :)
    @ Stuart - Sadly, there's not much room left for guilt between the pain and the nausea :) I think there's some level of sickness in the pride I get when people are always so shocked that "that little girl can eat all that."
    @ Totsy - You know the way to my heart, lady <3 There's nothing I like more than being told I'm funny; I EAT IT UP! lol
    @ Debbie - If they were smart, they'd make mini-cans you can keep in your purse!
    @ Sonia - Hop in next time! I'd love to hear your takes on these topics.
    @ David - Yes, it is a power that could be easily mismanaged if it fell into the wrong mine :)
    @ Debbie B - It's like they say: If everyone put their troubles on the table in front of them, you'd take one look around and take yours back :)
    @ Carol - Definitely try it! I have so much fun *meeting* all these interesting folks :)

  12. What a great post! No, what a fantastic post! I'm a new follower from LinkedIn. So glad you invited me over. Can't wait to read more. I posted it to My Life.'s face book page. I hope you pop over to my blog for a visit/follow. I write stories about my crazy life and book reviews. Hope you enjoy! Donna

  13. Hi, Donna! I love nothing more than a crazy life; on my way over right now :)

  14. I've been here before and love coming back to your site,'s so much fun...had to come again for Blogger Ball #6. I didn't respond to your challenge...but I like the idea. I don't know what I'd do if I had to choose between fame and fortune. If pressed, I guess I would say fortune...cause you could probably buy the fame with all your money; that is, if you wanted it. I really could care less about it.

  15. Wow, what a choice! Lol! Definitely fortune for the same reasons ~ personal Chef sounds pretty good! Not fame, always been a shy sort. ; )

  16. What a fun blog! I'm working late while sneaking around the shewrites bloggers ball and you're making me hungry:)I'd go for fortune first, fame would work second:)

  17. What a fun blog! Happy to have found it through the blog hop. One of the reviews of Blood Clay noted that despite the drama, the characters carry on with their daily lives: "This is one of the joys of the book – that however shocking or terrifying the events, people wake up the next morning and make tea, feed the cats, go to work." Yep - I guess I'm also someone who wonders what they are eating!

  18. What a nifty niche! And you don't have to count calories? God bless. Thanks for the Blog Hop visit and the lovely comment.
    Not seeking fame or fortune. Just want to do the next right thing and trust the universe with the results.

  19. I refuse to answer this question on the grounds I might incriminate myself! Lovely post.

    Meg (from SheWrites Blog Hop)

  20. @Cristina - I had to start early, too; if I'd waited until the weekend, I'd never have gotten to all the stops!
    @Valerie - I think those little details ground a fantastical story; they are small pieces of reality that can make the unbelievable almost believable :)
    @Carolyn - No, if I ate like that all the time, I'd be in trouble!
    @Meg - Okay, you can take a pass this time :)