Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Day the Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour 2011

What if the sun just went out? I reckon that’d hit me pretty hard – hard enough to knock me into the wine fridge, where I’d hit some bottles even harder. Hey, no sun means it’s 5 o’clock everywhere, right?

But once I’ve drained the cellar, then what? Venture out to stores where the shelves’ve been cleared by those who hit the bottles hardest? Eventually all the barrels in the world will be emptied, and, with no sun, we won’t be able to grow more grapes to replenish the supply! Nor will there be sugar cane, or agave for tequila. Not even hops for beer, which I actually can’t stand, but desperate times and all; I know I can’t think of a darker day than Sun-Out, and I bet many adults will feel the same way.

And this is where the children come in – they’ll save the world, of course. 

You see, I heard about this blog hop right before I picked my 7-year-old up from school, so I asked him what he would do if the sun stopped shining. His immediate reaction was that we’d have to launch an orbiting fire ball – a replacement sun. As we talked through the difficulty of containing said fireball, plus getting it into orbit and keeping it lit remotely, he realized we might be thinking too big. So his next idea was more manageable and quicker to implement – using many flames right here on Earth, with mirrors to direct their light and heat. Then he said, “While everybody’s making that work, the astronauts can work on re-lighting the sun.” Because he wasn’t satisfied with just a “fix” – he wanted a complete solution. And you read that he’s seven, right?

So maybe we grown-ups don’t have to worry so much about the sun going out, after all. We just have to keep stocking our bars…and preschools. ;)

Many thanks to Matthew Wood for making room for me on his tour bus! 

 Check out his Sci-Fi series HERE:

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  1. Hi Shelley! Nice to meet you here! I worry that our kids don't seem to need a sun at all since they live in their dark rooms playing video games all day and night. Eeks!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  2. Your son is very smart! Not many people would think up cool ideas like that :).

  3. Your son is quite a deep thinker, bravo!

  4. I like the way your son thinks... we need more like him... Great idea

  5. Shelley, nice page. I spent my time enjoying the song while I read my way through the various authors.

  6. Thank all y'all for stopping by to visit me on this tour :)

    @Julie - I hear you; probably half our teens wouldn't even notice the sun'd gone out for days!

    @Craig, Michael & Sparkle - Of course I can't take credit for his being such a thinker, but I do my best to foster it so that he stays that way :)

    @Ju - I love blog music, too; I only wish I could stream the player so that when you click through the archives, it wouldn't keep resetting :(

    Happy 2012, everyone - I'll see you this time next year...if the world doesn't end, that is :)

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