Monday, March 19, 2012

Toastworthy Teens: Sam Dutt

 Sam Dutt, Congressional Awardee

California teenager Bhaskar “Sam” Dutt was recently presented with the Congressional Award’s Bronze Medal, and yes, that is as impressive as it sounds; the medal is the United States Congress’ award for young Americans (aged 14 to 23) who combine their desire to help their communities with their eagerness to take on new challenges.

14-year-old Sam has logged close to 200 hours at Father Joe’s Village, Rady Children’s Hospital, Feeding America of San Diego, the YMCA, and Saikat (a non-profit organization that promotes Bangali culture in San Diego), as well as trail-building with his Boy Scout Troup. Not one to rest on his laurels, Sam has also earned his second-degree black belt, plays guitar in a local band, and is now close to achieving the next level of Congressional Awards – the Silver Medal – and plans to go for the Gold. 

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  1. Just when you believe today's teens are hoodlum in hoodies and addicted to games and tech, a notable guy like Sam pops up to restore your faith in the future.

    Great post. I truly wish more teens would volunteer and help out their respective communities. It would appear as if Sam is more than a go-getter; he is going places with his life.

  2. Sam's achievements are pretty impressive. I hope he continues with guitar, karate, and other interests to balance out the volunteer (and school) work.

    I think it's wonderful when teens do so much for others, but I do get concerned with burnout. I believe it's important for kids to have time to be kids, to simply goof off and daydream, as well as compiling an impressive list of accomplishments.

    (P.S. Shelley, between the Word Verify quiz and the auto-play music, sometimes I find it frustrating to comment here. I know some fellow bloggers have stated that they outright won't try to post comments any longer on blogs with WV.)

  3. Hmm - WV was supposed to be turned off. Thanks for the heads up; I just reset my comment settings so that's no longer required.