Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Toastworthy Teens: Matthew Mokoroa

Matthew Mokoroa, Gold Medalist

Matthew Mokoroa was diagnosed with a rare condition known as Wilson’s disease when he was 9 years old and given one month to live. 6 years later, the 1/3 liver donated to him by his father, along with his mother’s desire to treat him like a normal kid and encouragement in sports to keep him healthy helped Matthew run away with gold, silver, and bronze medals at the 18th World Transplant Games. 

But perhaps the greatest factors in the New Zealand’s teen success are actually the strength, determination, and winning attitude of the 15-year-old athlete who believes his transplant was “a gift, because I get to travel to places like this [Sweden]. It’s given me opportunities.”

With an outlook that bright, his future’s sure to be brilliant. ;)

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