Friday, July 20, 2012

FOODFIC: A Fate Totally Worse Than Death - Paul Fleischman

Danielle is wicked. Not in the pointy-black-hat sense, exactly, but she’s the type of girl that makes people say, “Today’s youth is going to Hell in a hand-basket.” 

Old people, that is, like the blind woman on the bus Danielle won’t give up her prime seat for, or Mrs. Witt, the Driftwood Manor Convalescent Home resident that Danielle is supposed to visit as part of her required community service. Instead, Danielle locks Mrs. Witt’s door, puts obnoxious shows on her TV, and goes through her box of chocolates, biting into a coconut-covered nugget, then spitting the distasteful piece out, and then [cementing] the piece she’d spit out back in place and [returning] the chocolate to its compartment

See? Despicable. 

And you haven’t even heard half of what Danielle and her friends have done. It’ll make you want to knock her teeth out.

But you may not have to; there’s an ethereally beautiful new girl in town with justice on her mind who just might give Danielle and her crew a taste of their own medicine…


  1. I have read MG books by this author- but nothing for YA or older. This sounds interesting and I feel like Danielle is someone I will not like in the slightest.


  2. @ Jess - No, seriously one of those characters with absolutely no redeeming qualities!