Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Toastworthy Teens - Caitlyn Mortus

Caitlyn Mortus, Keep Kids Connected

Diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma at age 12, Caitlyn Mortus suffered as much from missing soccer, gymnastics, and hanging out with her friends as from the fatigue and nausea of her illness and treatments.

But that changed with the gift of a laptop from a family friend, which allowed her to “hang out” with her friends again via Skype and Facebook. The reconnection made such a difference in her life that Caitlyn was inspired to establish a non-profit organization “connecting to the power of healing,” which procures computers for other kids who, like herself, are battling life-threatening illnesses like cancer. 

Keep Kids Connected has now donated over 110 computers to hospitalized kids in the U.S. and even one to a young boy in South Africa! Clearly this 15-year-old philanthropist who plans to study nursing has and will brighten many lives. :)

Find out more about Keep Kids Connected here:

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