Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Toastworthy Teens - Benjamin Coady

Benjamin Coady, Amateur Curator

“If you have a question, ask it,” advises 13-year-old Benjamin Coady. 

He speaks from experience; when the Connecticut teen visited New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, he caught a mistake on a 6th century map of the Byzantine Empire that everyone else had missed.
He left a card pointing out the discrepancy with the doubtful front desk attendant, thinking nothing would come of it since he’s “only a kid.”

Only a kid who was absolutely right, which the museum’s Byzantine art curator acknowledged by thanking him for his keen eye and inviting him to visit her in New York.

Goes to show that kids should always speak up, and adults should always listen. ;)

To plan your trip to the Met, visit:

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  1. @Caroline - I was waiting for someone to ask!
    He saw that Spain and parts of Africa were missing from a map of the 6th century Byzantine Empire.

  2. I saw this kid on one of the bigger cable news channels, but I don't recall if it was CNN, BBC, Fox or Al_Jazeera. lol (I glance at them all to see the diversity of angles.)

    Anyway, good for him!

  3. Sharp young man! He's headed toward a bright future with such tenacity for his age. Nice share.