Friday, July 6, 2012

FOODFIC: The Host - Stephenie Meyer

Who know Stephenie Meyer would follow up her super teen paranormance with a how-to manual for the end of the world? Okay, I’m kidding…but in that some-truth-in-jest sort of way. 

Yes, The Host boasts the same epic love story that Meyer is best known for and yes, it’s the love (in this case) square that will keep you reading through all 864 pages. But it’s the zompacolypse survival tip that could keep you alive.

Here, the end of the world as we know it is does not come in a massive violent event, but is instead an almost peaceful taking-over of bodies by alien creatures who believe they’re doing humans a favor by saving the species from its destructive ways. (And perhaps the greatest irony is that you find yourself rooting for one of the body-take-overers.)

Wanderer (or Wanda, to those who are willing to get to know her) almost unwittingly sets out on a quest to find the lost loves (boyfriend and brother) she's seen in  her human host’s memories – a journey that takes her to Uncle Jeb’s old ranch in the desert. The place is long-abandoned, but still partially stocked with supplies like stale crackers, Twinkies, and water stored in bleach bottles to keep it from growing bacteria. It only took a second of trolling by the Google-bots to confirm the validity of this tip; who knew? 

So I haven’t yet decided whether to shelve this book as a romance or a resource, but I do know it’s one I’ll hang onto. ;)


  1. I loved this book. I thought the idea was an original one and the character development was good enough to have you rooting for one of the "bad guys."

  2. I'm really looking forward to reading this book before the movie comes out. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  3. So much of the story is thought- and emotion-based; I hope they can make that come through on-screen.

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