Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Toastworthy Teens - Grant Wholey

  Grant Wholey, Tourette Syndrome Youth Ambassador

Grant Wholey is the kind of big brother I’ve always wished I had. When the 17-year-old recognized his 11-year-old brother was reaching an age that he himself particularly struggled with, Grant decided to do what he could to make life easier for Kevin. 

You see, both boys have Tourette Syndrome (TS), meaning they have to deal with not only multiple uncontrollable verbal and physical tics, but also the stares and criticisms of people who don’t understand their plight. Grant’s tics were so severe in middle school that he found himself unable to even read, write, or do homework, and he was concerned his brother would run into similar hurdles. So Grant, who also wants to also “help his brother in a greater way by helping to stop bullying and break myths surrounding TS,” joined the Tourette Syndrome Youth Ambassador program, where he will be “equipped with resources and tools to spread education on the disorder in schools and other community groups.” (As part of the program, he will also speak to Congress as an advocate for TS research.)

I think Kevin, the Tourette community, and our society as a whole are lucky to have guys like Grant!

To educate yourself about Tourette Syndrome, visit:

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