Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Toastworthy Teens - Karina Gadea

Karina Gadea, Operation Smile

Most people are aware of the Operation Smile organization and its mission to provide corrective surgeries for kids with facial deformities, as well as give presentations on relevant health topics, in underprivileged countries. 

But what you may not know (I didn’t) is that many teens also serve on these goodwill missions. Teens like Karina Gadea, who was selected from her high school’s Operation Smile club to bring smiles and knowledge to the kids of Kenya. 

Karina’s team, in which her role was to give “interactive presentations on topics including burn care and prevention, nutrition, dental care and oral rehydration,” performed 128 surgeries on their 12-day trip!

See the results of Karina’s and other Operation Smiles here:

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