Friday, September 21, 2012

FOODFIC: Cell - Stephen King

Tom wakes up to find a guy in mechanic’s coveralls sitting in his back yard eating a pumpkin – as in using his teeth to consume a straight-out-of-the-garden raw orange gourd – and making soft smooching sounds every time his face dives back in. 

Refugees Tom, Clay, and Alice witness the scene through the window with a mixture of curiosity, concern…and a sort of relief, because yesterday the mobs of crazies like this one were using their teeth to rip out people’s throats, and the guts they’d eaten had been of the seedless human variety.

Now the day before that, the crazies were normal folk; George the pumpkin-muncher here, for instance, was still George the mechanic down at Sonny’s Texaco. But at 3:03 pm, he had the bad luck to be on his cell phone when WHORLM (that’s the sound my imagination attributes to the pulse) he and thousands of others had their brains turned to pulp. Kinda like pumpkin guts.

Because isn’t horror always about the guts? 

Well, if you’ve got ‘em, read Cell and find out if Alice, the newly-orphaned teenager, Clay, the finally-successful graphic novelist, and Tom, the quietly strong, bespectacled man, can save the world. 

But if you’re hungry for ‘em, wait until October 1st…and start dialing. ;)

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