Thursday, September 27, 2012

FOODFIC: Please Welcome RaShelle Workman, Author of Sleeping Roses

Everything goes with food. We celebrate birthdays, promotions, engagements, weddings, breakups, death, and everything in between with some sort of refreshment. It's the glue that makes a gathering, big or small, work. 

In "Sleeping Roses" Sophie Berkeley is a woman on the edge. The edge of life, love, and possibly death. The pivotal moments always seem to happen to her around food.

She spills her secrets to her best friend over a Cobb Salad “...her heart torn to shreds like the lettuce leaves in her salad.”

Her best friend tells her to talk to a divorce attorney over chicken marsala “...I haven’t been this full in a long time.”
She hears a funny childhood memory about the man she's falling for over soda at the food court “...I'm talking foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick. The whole nine yards.”
Over a dinner of garlic chicken, Sophie's best friend drunkenly confesses. “...Lookgirlie. I'mthemotherlyone, notyou. Stopbugginme anlet's eat.”

Life wouldn't be the same without food. If you'd like to read more about Sophie, and her life, click HERE, and check it out.

Thanks for sharing your food for thought, RaShelle!

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  1. Thanks for hosting Sleeping Roses on your blog today, Shelley. I appreciate it. =)

  2. I like the cover and the book sounds very good. Nice post!