Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Toastworthy Teens - Janelle Tam

Janelle Tam, BioGENEius
How will you change the world? asked Canada’s Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge.

Janelle Tam provided the winning answer in the form of NCC (nano-crystalline cellulose) – an antioxidant with disease-fighting and anti-aging capabilities that is similar but superior to Vitamins C and E. 

The 16-year-old Ontarian, who discovered the potential of the tiny particles found in tree pulp, says she “envision[s] it more as an ingredient that would be added to existing formulations…to tablets or bandaids for wound dressing or [cosmetic cream].” 

Sounds to me like vision is the operative word there, and Janelle sure has it! :)

Think you have the next winning discovery?
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