Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Toastworthy Teens - Graceann Rumer

Graceann Rumer, Emergency Bus Driver

Graceann Rumer says she’s not a hero, just a girl at the front of the bus with some driving experience.

Just to clarify – the high school senior had only been practicing driving to school for 2 weeks when the driver of the bus she took home had a heart attack, sending the full school vehicle into oncoming traffic.

Graceann, who couldn’t get around the collapsed driver to reach the brake pedal, first slowed and redirected the bus with a u-turn, then put it into park. Unfortunately, the 51-year-old driver did not survive the trauma, but, thanks to Graceann, all of the student riders were spared.

Graceann may not call that heroic, but I sure do. :)

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