Saturday, December 29, 2012

EOY Super SAYNG! Taylor Swift


The Church of Taylor

If you haven’t been to a Taylor Swift concert, let me tell you – it’s an experience. Not just the production itself – elaborate sets, unexpected effects, even the large block of time in the middle of the show when she walks around the venue meeting the fans – but the feeling that surges like a current through the arena. Taylor’s fans bring almost as much energy as the star herself with their shirts and lights and signage…and the way they sing along with her every word. I’m talking every person, every word, every song, not unlike – and I say this without the slightest hint of facetiousness – a congregation.

Her music is catchy, yes – as is her personality – but I believe her lyrics are what speak to the devoted fans. Taylor has a gift for putting into words what every girl has felt at one time or another and, when she shares her experiences so poetically and so publicly, it truly validates and empowers all of her empathetic listeners as well.

Say there’s a boy at school you like who doesn’t know you exist, or a mean girl who’s spreading nasty rumors about you; you feel just a little less alone when you know that Taylor Swift has been there, too. Not that it’s just a teen thing; as an adult, I can both remember the intensity of those moments and appreciate how excellently Taylor is able to capture and express them.

And for the naysayers who think that’s easy to do, let me put it this way: she’s able to condense all of the events and emotions of a significant period of time, be it the length of a season or an entire relationship, into only a dozen lines of verse; it took me 3 books to cover one summer in my SOLID series!

So yes, I’m a fan of Taylor, and I’ve pasted below some of my favorite lines from her songs so you can see why: 

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  1. interesting review for the singer. but i think that many singers are that way, mostly because it is a part of their job to entertain their fans so that their fan will keep supporting them and buying their cds.