Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Toastworthy Teens - Home Alone Safety

This week’s featured teen has to remain name- and faceless because he’s a minor, but that doesn’t make him any less toastworthy!

When a burglar used a screwdriver to shatter the window and enter the California home where a homeschooler was doing his homework, the student acted quickly and calmly. 

At the sound of breaking glass, the 15-year-old called 9-1-1 and retreated to a bedroom, only to find that he couldn’t fit under the bed to hide as the operator instructed him to do. He managed to disguise himself so well in a pile of blankets and pillows that he remained undetected even as the burglar searched the room he was hiding in! He was debating whether or not to jump out and “trip [the] fool” when deputies arrived and arrested the perpetrator (who had the gall to answer the door and pretend to be the homeowner). 

Since I can’t give this brave teen proper credit, and because it’s important for all kids – homeschooled or otherwise – to be prepared to handle this sort of situation, I’ve pasted the link to 4Hagent Neil Callahan’s home-alone safety tips here:

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  1. lots of crazy things happen every day. the neighborhood should have some kind of security in the area to prevent such incidents from happening.