Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Toastworthy Teens - Temar Boggs

Temar Boggs, Child Rescuer

What would you do if you encountered a search party looking for a kidnapped child?

If you’re Lancaster high-schooler Temar Boggs, you do what he thinks “anybody else would do” – you organize your friends into an additional search party and hit the streets.

And not only did the 15-year-old take commendable initiative; it was, in fact, his group on their bikes that located and chased the suspect, who eventually pushed the girl from his car and drove off.

5-year-old Jocelyn is thankfully okay, her family is extremely grateful to their “hero,” and Temar feels like “he just did something very accomplishing today.” I’d certainly say so!

Meet Temar in an interview here:

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