Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Toastworthy Teens - Jennifer Mahin

Jennifer Mahin, Day One Hero

What can you expect on your first day at a new job? Probably some paperwork, meeting a few people, maybe a little basic training.

Surely not saving a life, right?

Now, when you learn that, for Jennifer Mahin, that first job was certified lifeguard, you might be inclined to say, “Oh, of course,” as if her accomplishment is slightly less impressive. Don’t.

Because within only hours of clocking into work, the 17-year-old heroine found herself jumping without hesitation into a rip current to rescue a fellow teen. She then had to keep the unresponsive girl’s ahead above the waves – and both of them away from the rocks – until more rescuers arrived on the scene.

Clearly Jennifer – who called the rescue “the most gratifying thing ever” – was the right girl for the job. ;) 

To find lifeguarding classes in your area, visit:

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