Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Toastworthy Teens - Ashton Canada

Ashton Canada, UniqueModz
When 16-year-old Ashton Canada was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and had to be home-school for a year, he didn’t just play a lot of video games; he started fixing them as well. What started off with his researching how to solve an Xbox problem that many of his friends were experiencing, quickly evolved into customizing consoles – adding plexiglass windows to reveal the inner workings of the system, then adding lights and professional-quality paint. 30 customization orders in a week told Ashton that it was time to start his own company, and voila! UniqueModz was born. 

These days, serious business owner Ashton has little time to play; he’s “constantly updating the website, YouTube channel and social networks, talking to sponsors and making sure everyone is happy.” His father describes Ashton’s work ethic as “just unbelievable,” and Ashton’s mother is so impressed by her son having “done it pretty much all himself. He’s self-sustaining.” Given that Ashton’s now taking a business entrepreneurship to see “what [I’m] doing right and what [I] can improve on,” I think we can be sure he’s only begun a unique career. ;)

You can see Ashton’s creations here:

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