Thursday, December 19, 2013

FOODFIC: Please Welcome Candy Ann Little, Author of Unforgiving Ghosts

Naughty or Nice
By: Candy Ann Little

With Christmas approaching the little ones are wondering if they are on Santa’s naughty or nice list. As adults we are also doing our own naughty and nice lists, but with food. This time of year brings out all the bakers and foodies. There is so much to taste and share. We have work parties, school parties, family tradition recipes, big dinners and family gatherings. Let’s face it all these activities would be pretty boring without food and sweet treats. (Okay and alcohol but that is another post. LOL!!)

Food makes us feel happy, comforted, warm and sometimes even naughty – like when I eat a whole box of chocolates, or you eat that last piece of pie or cake at midnight. And how many times have we crammed those last few bites into our mouth when our stomach was already stretched so full it felt like it might explode.

But the holidays are not the only times we think about food. Every event in our lives, happy or sad, big or small, revolves around food. We eat at birthday parties, date nights, and even funerals. So is it any wonder that as authors our stories revolve around food?

In Unforgiving Ghosts, my character Megan Black is overwhelmed by her grief and desperately trying to find peace. Deciding to leave her small town in Illinois, she moves to Santa Barbra, California. She is young, didn’t finish college and doesn’t have much work experience, but she can cook. That skill helps her land a temporary job as personal cook to a wealthy family.

Even in a job that she is skilled at, Megan still struggles with confidence. She doesn’t feel her down-home, middle class dishes are sophisticated enough for rich people, but the Petersons love her food. For this book I used recipes that are my husband’s favorite, like sausage and gravy over mashed potatoes and biscuits, fried chicken, mac & cheese and roast beef. I also have her bake cookies, chocolate cake and apple pie. Since this story takes place from October to January, I was also able to get some Thanksgiving and Christmas dishes in as well.

Of course, cooking in the kitchen isn’t the only heat in this book. Megan is also trying to avoid the charms of her boss’s son, Steven. Although she feels he’s too hot to handle, she also has other reasons for not wanting to start a relationship with him. However, the handsome playboy has decided Megan is a dish he wants and he won’t be turned away. But will the relationship end up burning him?

Will Steven and Megan be on the naughty or nice list? Which list will you be on this holiday season?

Thanks for stopping by to share your food for thought, Candy!

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