Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Toastworthy Teens - Miranda Fuentes

Miranda Fuentes, Surfers for Autism

Miranda Fuentes may not have founded Surfers for Autism, but she certainly took it to the next level. When she discovered the Florida-based group that uses surfing as a means to enable autistic kids to blossom, she herself was struggling to communicate with her own autistic brother. Surfers for Autism was able to help Miranda’s brother open up, which in turn strengthened their sibling relationship.

But what’s even more significant is how Miranda herself bloomed, evolving from a volunteer to a master instructor who teaches 150 kids a year! Further still, she has worked to turn the organization’s one small annual exhibition into a regular event involving thousands of kids, instructors, and spectators.

See Miranda’s success – beautiful photos and PAGES of thankful testimonials – here:

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