Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Toastworthy Teens - Joey Prusak

Joey Prusak, Eye Witness

Maybe what Joey Prusak witnessed while at work in Dairy Queen wasn’t a major crime, but it sure violated the law of human decency. When a visually impaired customer unknowingly dropped a $20 bill, the woman in line behind him wordlessly picked it up and put it in her own purse! 

Luckily for the man (and the future of the human race), 19-year-old Joey was on duty. 

Joey first calmly asked the woman to give back the money, but she actually had the audacity to create a scene of denial. The astonished teen then informed the woman that she was “extremely disrespectful” and asked her to leave. When she exited without returning the cash, Joey took the extra beautiful step of giving the victim $20 from his own pocket

Even better is how surprised Joey’s manager was to later receive a praising email from a witness to the scene. Joey’d never even thought to tell his boss about the incident where he’d just done what “felt like the right thing to do.”

I’m certainly glad so many folks have not let this young hero go unsung. :)

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