Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Toastworthy Teens - Samantha Manns

Samantha Manns, 89 Acts of Kindness

Samantha Manns had perhaps the most poignant and productive response to the loss of a loved one that I’ve ever heard. 

When the 18-year-old’s grandmother passed away, Samantha thought, “Maybe I can’t be happy right now, but I can do things to make other people happy.”

Specifically, 89 other people; Samantha pledged to perform one act of random kindness for each year of her beloved grandmother’s life. 

So far she’s done everything from giving blood to baking a cake for a lonely senior, and to both share her progress as well as “inspire people to commit their OWN acts of kindness,” she’s started a Facebook page. 
To check in with Samantha, offer her suggestions for future kind acts, or get ideas to follow in her footsteps, visit:

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