Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Toastworthy Teens - Jack Kim

 Jack Kim, Benelab

We all know that Google is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, but 16-year-old Jack Kim actually sat down and calculated how much money the juggernaut makes on a per-second basis. 

After drilling down Google’s 2010 profit of $8.505 billion to $23,301,370 per day, then $970,089 per hour, then $16,181 per minute, and, finally, $270 per second, Jack realized “This could be used for good.”

So, along with friend Dalton Caughell, he created Benelab – a search engine powered by Bing. The key to Benelab is that 100% of its proceeds go to a charity of the month!

Give it a try and help a worthy cause with just a click:

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